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Do I have to stay in the Casino the whole time?

You are not restricted to stay in the Casino your whole visit, but with all they have to offer on property, why would you want to leave?

What is accepted as Valid photo ID?

A Driver's Licence, Passport, or Proof of Citizenship with photo, is considered Valid Photo ID

What if I Don't have a Player's Card?

If you don't have a Casino Player's Card, just bring valid photo ID and you can obtain a card free upon arrival at the property.

I Don't have Photo ID or a Player's Card, can I still get my Casino Bonus?

No, unfortunately without proper Photo ID or a Player's Card, you will not be able to obtain the Casino Bonus upon arrival at the Casino.

Can I bring my child on the coach?

You must be at least the age of 19 to board the coach.

Can I bring Luggage on the Coach?

Luggage is only allowed on the coach if you have a room reserved at the "Niagara Fallsview Casino Hotel" and have called into our office a min. 24hrs in advance with your confirmation number for your stay. Otherwise you may be refused passage on the coach.

Can I stay overnight?

You may stay overnight as long as you are staying at the "Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel" and have called our office 24hrs in advance to book with us. Have your confirmation number available.

Can I go on one coach and return on another?

We allow this on rare occasions. This is so we may keep control of seats available on our coaches in order to serve you better. If you decide while you are visiting the casino that you would like to stay longer, you will need to see a Supervisor at any of the "Player's Advantage" Booths and they will scan you're card to let you know if your eligible.

I Don't want the Buffet Voucher, can I get Coin instead?

Everyone on the coach will receive the same offer, whether it be the Buffet offer or the $10 Coin offer. Please ask what the bonus offer is when you are booking.

Can the Buffet Voucher be used at places other than the buffet?

Yes, there are several places within the Casino you may use your Food Voucher. Just ask any Casino representative on site and they will be happy to show you what's available.

I am seeing a show, will I still get my Casino Bonus?

Yes, If you have show tickets, you will still get your regular bonus from the Casino when your arrive.

What if I miss my coach to come home?

If you happen to miss your coach ride home, you will need to see a Casino Supervisor, who will then be able to provide you with an answer for your return home.

Do I need to reserve seats ahead of time?

Reservations are recommended 2 - 3 days before your planned trip. Please note, we do not reserve particular seats on the coach, however, we make sure there are seats available for you on the coach you have reserved.

Can I reserve seats through my Computer?

No, unfortunately at this time we must take all reservations through our office phone system. Please call 1-800-838-1789 if you would like to make reservations.

Is there a shuttle between the Casinos?

No, there was at one time, but no shuttle service between the two Casinos is offered now.

Is the Buffet Voucher good at either Casino?

Yes, you may use your Buffet Voucher at either "Casino Niagara" or "Fallsview Casino"

Are there Washrooms on the Coach?

Yes, all our Casino Coaches are equipped with Deluxe Seating, Air Conditioning and Washrooms.